When we hear about any third-world country the first thing that we think of is backwardness and crime. But one thing that we oversee is their constant efforts. Third-world world countries have been putting constant efforts to improve their conditions, and under this aim, they have taken strong measures to reduce the crime rate of the country. Thus, today we are going to talk about ICPC and their portal 2023recruitment.com. Which people can apply for job openings, and work together towards making the country a safe place for all. So keep reading this blog till the very end to know about every single detail of the platform along with its accessibility.

    An Overview of ICPC

    Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission which is often abbreviated as ICPC, is a great initiative by the government of Nigeria. This is one of the apex bodies vested under the law with the responsibility to fight against corruption and other related offenses in the country. This act was implemented in 2000 and was signed on June 13, 2000, and was inaugurated by President Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR, with the chairman and other 12 members. 

    Know About ICPC 2023recruitment.com

    The 2023recruitment.com is the portal created by the command of the Nigerian government and is used for ICPC candidate recruitment. Through the introduction of this portal, the government aims at making the process of ICPC application simple and easy. This is done so to encourage people to work for the nation and take measures to make the nation free from crimes and other threats, thereby making it a safe place for it to live a peaceful life. 

    Fields Required For 2023recruitment.com

    Several fields are required for people to apply at the 2023recruitment.com. Here we have mentioned them to make you aware of the portal’s needs. 

    Estate Management Computer Engineering
    Secretariat StudiesCriminology
    EngineeringQuantity Surveying
    Computer ScienceGeology
    Software EngineeringPsychology
    Maths/StatisticsMedical Laboratory

    Eligibility For  2023recruitment.com

    If you are someone thinking of visiting 2023recruitment.com and enrolling yourself for the better cause of the nation. Make sure to check out the eligibility criteria for the same that are listed below. 

    • The applicants who pass the documents or say degree eligibility. They should not be less than the age of 18 years old and not more than 35 years of age. 
    • The one who wishes to apply for the RC008 and RC009 at 2023recruitment.com must have a minimum height of height of 5 feet 6 inches or 1.67 meters. 
    • Staying or having healthy physical and mental health is mandatory for applying at the ICPC.
    • The minimum requirement for the RC 001, RC 002, and RC 003 is second-class lower/lower credit.

    Steps To Use 2023recruitment.com

    To apply for the position opened under the ICPC or Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission. You must visit the 2023recruitment.com, and complete the application process. Users or applicants can follow these undermentioned steps to go through the process seamlessly. 

    1. The foremost step is to open any of your desired Browser” on a device of your personal choice.
    2. Now use the search bar of our opened browser to look for the 2023recruitment.com
    3. Once the result appears from your search, select the official website from those appearing SERPs.
    4. Upon landing on the official website from the top right menu bar tap on the “Apply” option to open the dashboard.
    5. As you enter the whole new page, you need to fill in the asked credentials in the presented dedicated input boxes and cross-check them to avoid any kind of discrepancies.
    6. Once you are done with all the above-mentioned steps, let’s move ahead with the last step by hitting the “Submit” button to complete the application process at 2023recruitment.com 

    Note: You might face some accessibility issues because the portal is currently inaccessible to some of the audiences.

    List Of Job Vacancies

    Listed here are the current top job openings by the ICPC side that are present on the 2023recruitment.com

    RC 001 RC 002
    RC 003RC 004
    RC 005RC 006
    RC 007RC 008
    RC 009RC 010

    Key Points Of Using The 2023recruitment.com Portal 

    While you access this portal to unleash a great level of career opportunities along with the opportunity to serve your nation, then you must keep these mentioned points in mind. 

    • It is crucial to note that ICPC will never request t applicants any kind of fee or payment to complete the application process. 
    • It is to be noted that only certain qualified candidates are going to be shortlisted for the further process.
    • Make sure to refrain from providing any kind of false information while filling out the application form, because it can be termed and legal offense, leading to punishment. 


    The ICPC has taken a great process to make their recruitment process by launching the 2023recruitment.com. This portal has a friendly interface along with simple steps through which the users get an opportunity to apply at the portal and serve the better cause of the nation. Through this smooth process, people and government can work together making the nation free from any kind of crimes and other offences. This would lead to making the country a safe place for the citizens to live a peaceful, secure, and peaceful life. Furthermore, you can visit this platform to complete your application process. Above all, you do not have to worry about any safety concerns, as the portal is authorized by the government. 

    Disclaimer: This post carries details based on our research, and at times you might face issues while accessing this platform. So if you find any issues with the presented information feel free to mention it in our comments section. Furthermore, we would recommend you cross-check the information before following up blindly.