Online gaming is getting more popular day by day. Some games offer mental pleasure, and others provide some bonus rewards, too. If you are a fan of reward games such as casinos and other skill games, Skillmachine Net is going viral these days. In this article, we will learn about it, its registration and login process, how to win cash rewards, and many more. Is it a legit portal or just another scam?

    Skillmachine Net

    Skillmachine Net is an online portal. It allows users to play skill games to win cash rewards. It contains various categories of skill games for its users. A user must register. Hence, it allows the users to register themselves with an effortless process.

    On it, users can withdraw the reward amount to their bank accounts hassle-free. It also offers its Android application, but the Android application is not available on the Google Play Store. The user has to download the application from the official website of Skillmachine Net.

    Who is the founder of Skillmachine Net?

    Keni Maama founded the Skillmachine Net platform. Keni Maama co-founded the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, located in Las Vegas. Keni introduced this platform for the user to earn money by just playing skill games. It starts with the purpose of allowing the user to make money while playing skill games.

    The Registration Process of Skillmachine Net

    The registration process for it is straightforward. The step-by-step registration process for Skillmachine Net:

    • Visit the official website of Skillmachine Net
    • Go to the registration option
    • Mention the necessary details  
    • Then, log on to Skillmachine Net to play games to win rewards.

    How do you play Rewards games on Skillmachine Net?

    It offers a variety of games for its users. To play the games, a user must log in to this platform. After a successful login, it’s time to choose the game to play. The Skillmachine Net offers two types of skill games on this portal:

    • Free Games: Users can play these games without participation charges. Once the user wins the game, they do not get cash rewards like participation in skill games. Free games for entertainment purposes are available on this platform.
    • Participation Games: To play participation games, a user needs to pay some charges. Users can add money to the Skillmachine wallet with various payment methods. The participation games allow users to earn cash rewards for every win. The earned rewards will be added to the Skillmachine Net wallet. From there, a user can withdraw the rewards after reaching the threshold criteria.

    The Game-playing Process:

    Once the user logs in to Skillmachine Net successfully, they can choose from free games or participation games. Once the users choose, the platform shows a variety of games according to their preferences. The instructions will be shown in the game once it is started.

    The Bonus Rewards

    It is designed in a very unique manner. It offers various bonus rewards to frequent game users. These rewards can be anything, such as free participation in paid games, cash rewards, cash coupons, and many more. The Skillmachine Net follows one simple rule: the more you play, the more you make.

    • Welcome Rewards: It offers a $10 welcome reward bonus. Once the user registers and logs on to this platform successfully, the amount will be credited to the Skillmachine Wallet. With this amount, a user can play any participating games.
    • Cashback Bonus Rewards: To play paid skill games on this platform, the user needs to add the amount to the wallet of Skillmachine. Hence, on every amount added, Skillmachine Net provides a 25% cashback bonus reward.
    • Referral Rewards: Besides, it allows users to get rewards with every referral. The referral reward system is designed so that the more the referred user plays participation games, the more the user earns rewards.
    • Free Spins: It offers a free spin feature. It allows the user to earn rewards without playing games. A user just needs to spin the wheel and see where the wheel stops. The user receives the same amount in cash rewards. But to get the free spin, a user must download the Skillmachine Android application. Furthermore, there are some terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled before claiming the free spins cash rewards.
    • The Jackpot Reward: Once the user hits the benchmark on this platform, the user wins the jackpot reward. Suppose the user reaches the 10th level of the game. The Skillmachine Net will offer a jackpot reward to encourage the user to play more.

    The Withdrawal Process of Skillmachine Net

    To withdraw the winning amount from Skillmachine Net, the user has to reach the minimum withdrawal limit. The minimum withdrawal limit is $300. Once the user crosses the $300 threshold, the platform allows the user to initiate the withdrawal amount. The withdrawal amount will be transferred within 2–7 business days.

    Is Skillmachine Net legit or a Scam?

    The users of the reviews on the internet claim their legitimacy. However, the lack of information about its founders remains in doubt. Various users are winning cash rewards on this portal across the world. At the same time, there are multiple countries where this platform is not accessible due to its nature. Lots of governments in various countries put this portal in the gambling category. But eventually, it will be a legit platform where users can play skill games and earn money.


    It is one of the legit platforms that allows the user to play skill games and earn cash rewards. But at the same time, we also must remember that the Skillmachine Net is banned in many countries, and India is one of them. Lots of countries’ governments categorize it as a gambling platform. However, it is all up to you. If you want to earn cash rewards while playing a skill game, then this is the best platform.