We all like to watch movies. Some of us like to watch movies at the theatre while some of us like to watch movies at home, be it on our tv or laptop. There are many different kinds of movies that people enjoy watching, like Bollywood, South Indian movies, Hollywood movies, and more. Apart from that, there are a couple of genres on which movies are based, like romantic comedies, horrors, adventure, and so on.

    Streaming Services

    Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, and Hotstar are extremely popular among people. These services have a huge collection of shows and movies, and one can also watch original content produced by them on their platforms. The cool thing about these services is that, for a small amount of money given per month, the user can have access to many shows and films. While the ones mentioned in this paragraph are popular in India, there are also a ton of more streaming services that focused on the production and distribution of regional entertainment programs, like serials and movies.

    The thing about these streaming services is that one has to pay a small amount of money to watch all the programs. Another thing is, while there is a download option on their Platforms, one can keep content downloaded on their for a certain period of time only.


    While going to the theatre to watch movies is common practice, there are people who prefer to watch movies from the comfort of their own home. Although streaming services are cool, they don’t always come up with the latest releases the moment they release. But there are websites which will provide you with the latest releases in a very short amount of time, and Mp4Moviez is such a website.

    Mp4Moviez is a website from where one can download movies and TV shows. There is a big collection of content available there and one can download movies of both Hollywood and Bollywood industries. The best part about this is that the movies can be downloaded for free and can be kept on the device storage for as long as the user wants.

    Mp4Moviez Features

    Here are some features of Mp4Moviez: 

    • This website offers a wide variety of movies and TV shows both from Bollywood and Hollywood.
    • This is a completely free website so one will not have to pay for anything in order to download movies.
    • This website can be operated from a variety of devices and operating systems.
    • There are many different download qualities available here and it makes it easier for the user to download movies according to how much data they want to spend or how much space they have in their device.

    Problems with Mp4Moviez

    Although this website is free, it is a torrent website and it has been banned from use in our country. While this website still operates and many people continue to use it in order to download and stream movies, it can cause harm to the device and might even steal data. So if you are planning on using this website, be sure to stay vigilant and alert.