In Karnataka, users can quickly add and gather the survey number with the help of the portal web app. Of course, it includes a web portal and an application by the government of Karnataka. However, the primary goal of this app status application is to assign copies of some land surveys to record to farmers without government offices again. Farmers in Karnataka now are available to track status online mojini Vs for land records. 

    Overview of Mojini v3 Login

    Well, Karnataka now is to find out the survey number with any piece of land. Hence, it allows you to enter the application number and make payments. This portal app login is a portal and application introduced by Karnataka which enables farmers to get copies. It conveys the land survey without government offices. 

    The users have to find availability to download survey documents using E view, and stand the software to utilize. The use of Mojni tool will be internet access to land records. The farmers have to set out Karnataka to monitor and status of their online Mojini V3 applications. 

    How to Check the application status?

    On the other hand, you have to get status from portal Mojini application. Hence, it should be explored with lots of steps and application status to get into the best thing. 

    • At first, visit the official website mojini login
    • Select application status and enter the required info
    • Grab the official needed data

    Step 1: Status Check through Website 

    • At first, visit the Mojini app to show status online
    • Choose the option of application status
    • Get status by app number, mobile number and survey number
    • Choose the application number
    • Click on Get Status

    Step 2: Status Check through Mobile Application

    • Download the Mojini app on mobile phone 
    • Open the app and click on V3 to click status
    • Select an option to check status 
    • Enter the detail and click on get status

    Step 3: Status check through land record website

    • After that, visit the land record Karnataka website
    • Scroll down choose to get services and click on Mojini
    • Users can redirect to page of Mojini Karnataka
    • Then, click on application status, and select latest records


    Finally, anyone can check the mojini v3 status application via online and includes the basic steps discussed above. However, you can check the status from the official website and app using app number, mobile number, and survey number. Users can get easily from survey numbers of any piece of land in Karnataka.