The real estate world involves complex transactions, coordination between various parties and endless paperwork. Norraco Transact offers an innovative solution for simplifying and accelerating the real estate deals by giving an all-in-one digital platform for selling, buying, and managing properties.

    It caters as a strong transactional platform specially designed for thе South African markеtplacе. It makes the process efficient, smooth, and transparent for all the stakeholders. It also provides tools for companies to successfully manage invoices, payment methods, and transaction history. The platform digitises all the documents, data and contracts related to the deal and makes them accessible through a centralised dashboard.

    Key Features and Benefits 

    This provides teams and customеrs a variеty of capabilitiеs that includes strеamlinеd invoicе control, stablе pricе procеssing, and a transparеnt transaction rеcords. This platform obeys to thе highеst safеty standards and еnsures safеty and confidеntiality for all transactions.

    It provide a huge range of users involved in the property deals:


    Buyers can search listings, place offers, schedule tours, sign contracts and close deals end-to-end within norraco.


    Sellers can list properties, track offers and progress, upload documents, sign paperwork and receive payouts digitally.

    Real Estate Agents

    Agents utilise integrated CRM features to facilitate tours/open houses, manage listings and clients, negotiate offers, and close sales.


    Lenders can receive and check buyer financing applications, and transfer the funds digitally.

    Law Firms

    Lawyers draft and oversee contracts, closing documents,  title transfers, and other legal aspects of deals.

    Title Companies

    Title companies handle title searches, escrow services, lien verifications, insurance policies, and closing processes electronically.

    Pricing Plans

    It offers many pricing plans suitable for the different customers:

    Individual Plan

    Ideal for sellers, buyers, and the landlords managing 1-2 properties.

    Team Plan

    For agents, lenders brokers, and lawyers managing multiple clients and properties. 

    Enterprise Plan

    Full-featured plan designed for the large brokerages, property management firms, title companies and banks

    How to join?

    Signing up and using the norraco is very quick and easy:

    Create an Account

    Visit the official website of Norraco i.e. and sign up for the specific plan you need. Enter the name, email, company details and the billing information.

    Add Your Properties

    Enter all the necessary details about properties that you want to sell/buy/rent. Upload the photos, documents, and listings etc.

    Invite Team Members

    Add other professionals such as lawyers, brokers, lenders etc. who are involved in your deals and assign them access.

    Manage Transactions

    Track all the events, tasks, milestones, and paperwork related to the property transactions through the platform.

    Access Integrated Tools

    Use built-in tools for communications, e-signatures, accounting, document storage and many more to close the deals faster.


    It makes real estate transactions streamlined, efficient, and less stressful for those who are involved. By combining all the difficult aspects of the deals into one digital platform, it saves valuable time and effort while improving transparency. Whether you are a seller, buyer, broker, or any other professional, it has robust features designed to your want. Sign up today and join, as thousands of users are already leveraging it to transform the way real estate business is conducted.

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